Wednesday, October 17, 2007

knitting for the soul!

I learned to knit on my own after reading some books on knitting like Stitch n' Bitch and many others. I enjoy knitting and I find it relaxing. The problem is that I have yet to complete a knitting project. I usually spot midway and start unraveling what I have done so far becuase I have skipped stitches or there is a incorrect stitch somewhere. I have some unfinished scarfs and baby booties sitting at home just staring at me. And everytime I see a beautiful soft yarn I feel it calling me so to add to the madness I have added another project to the pile. I am thinking of knitting a beanie hat for Daniela or perhaps a pair of socks, they have some very nice patterns and sock yarn in Sock Pixie. This will be my first time knitting with double pointed needles(this sounds scary to me) and am looking around for a simple beginners pattern. And so I am determined to finish one of my projects. I will not buy another skein or hank until I finish with at least one project.

Wish me luck!

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