Wednesday, January 9, 2008

only if.... I had the bulletproof bracelets & a magic lasso!

I am a mom, wife, daughter, older sister, a friend and a full-time paralegal and for me it hard to juggle all the responsibilities so everyday I am running around like a superhero (preferably Wonderwoman...great costume) trying to solve and do everything at once. So I am busily trying to take care of everything because I need to or must do it... But do I really need to do every single thing? Or is it that I am just crazy (as my hubby would say)! I know I am not the only one! So what happens I am often exhausted...stressed, anxious, with constant migraines, tired, with the majority of the time feeling overwhelmed and with numerous sleepless nights. But there is a remedy, and I am constantly reading and discussing with friends the principles of Buddhism, Yoga, and Ayurveda and their benefits. The importance of slowing down and taking time for yourself. But do I practice anything of what I read (or preach)....NO. But that is going to change in this new year 2008. I will begin by being in the present moment... I will just focus on the present moment.....I will not sweat the small stuff...I will begin to relax and not stress so much. Ahhh easier said than done, I think I am stressing already just by contemplating not stressing! It will take time! Finally, bit by bit I will start adding more organic foods to my diet and I will start using more natural bath and body products. So for me this year is about making some serious lifestyle changes since I am not Wonderwoman or Superwoman after all!

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