Thursday, February 7, 2008

i need

motivation, inspiration, a push, or even perhaps even a kick to get me going into the direction I want to go. I haven't made much progress with accomplishing any of my goals for 2008. I know it is February but I am just stuck. Here is the deal - Working out, blah.... I have the time during my lunch break but I chose instead to burn my calories typing away on my keyboard. Running.... I am just too tired (okay okay too lazy). Morning yoga practice....I prefer to sleep an extra 30 minutes. Eating more healthy...a just want to munch on some chips and am totally addicted to that terrible thing called soda. Which reminds me I will add that to my list NO MORE SODA FOR ME! Well the list could go on and on. Sorry people but today is one of those days. However, I will not give up. Tomorrow will be a fresh start for me. I am going to add my goals to my blogs sidebar. Hopefully by June I have checked off most of them (well at least a few).

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